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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi poster
Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi poster

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shehreyar, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Some unpleasant events occur during the course and Mehak starts hating Shehreyar; and since Shehreyar’s family does not approve of his relationship, the story tangles up even more.

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.

Written By: Radain Shah

Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti

[Source: ARY Digital TV]

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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 27 Recap

Shamsher is working at a grocery store as a salesman and is being humiliated left, right and center. He is determined to keep his temper in check and keep his job. Bravo man! 

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 28 Written Update & Review

Shamsher and Mahek

So, the last episode had ended as Mahek learns about Shamsher’s job. She isn’t happy about it, and she lets it show in her behaviour. I like the slow progression of their relationship. Mahek still hasn’t forgiven Shamsher, but she’s mad at him, in a good way. Things are getting better, gradually.  

Mahek asks Shamsher to never do the physical labour job. She seems genuinely concerned about her husband, and that is so touching. Shamsher agrees. 

Mahek: Dheere dheere sab thik ho jayega

Shamsher: Sab? 

Mahek: (After a very long pause) Sab!


Whatta scene! The tiny tiny smile on Shamsher’s face was the highlight of this scene.


Ahsan and Nida

Andleeb creates a scene at the breakfast table in the morning. She is never going to be happy, is she? Make breakfast, don’t use new cutlery, don’t go to college, uff! Itni typical saas?

Later, she whines about making dinner and all while Nida has just been back from her mother’s house. If I were Nida, I would have the same reaction. 

Ahsan just knows that Nida is upset. He’s like: main kya karoon yaar? 

However, Ahsan promises to convince Andleeb for Nida rejoining her college. I guess he’s being a good husband.

Akram and Naheed 

Nida had come to her mother to bicker about Andleeb. Naheed mentions Mahek and Nida gets upset. I think they both were right.  It doesn’t feel good if you’re discussing your predicament and your mother mentions someone else. Naheed was also right, though. How else is she supposed to talk to Nida? He could give Mahek’s example, so she did. 

Akram overhears the conversation, and it confirms his worst fears that Mahek isn’t happy.

Naheed and Akram later discuss  Mahek. Akram is worried and Naheed just knows it’s about Mahek .

They console each other with false hopes, then Naheed goes to make tea. Akram is left alone to worry about Mahek.

Nawab Dilawar and Sheru

Sheru forced to kill Mahek. Nawab Dilawar and SHO threaten Sheru repeatedly (and there are several flashbacks too). Sheru is left with no choice but to accept Nawab Dilawar’s offer. I guess he’s angry at this. Who knows? Maybe he will kill Shamsher instead of Mahek. That would serve Nawab Dilawar right.

Ahsan and Shamsher

Ahsan runs into Shamsher at the grocery store, what are the odds? He is amused to see his rival in this state. That smirk on his face says it all.

Ahsan insults Shamsher, which our hero doesn’t react to but we can see it’s hard on him.

And then, Ahsan drops the money on the floor.

“100 rupees zyada hain, tip rakh lena,” Ahsan tells Shamsher.


First of all, that’s disrespect to Qaid e Azam as well as the money. I remember when we were little and dropped a coin by mistake, elders would reprimand us. 

Don’t drop the money or you will forever be poor.

I don’t know if there is any truth in it or not but Ahsan’s attitude towards Shamsher was uncalled for and plain painful to watch.

I hadn’t expected this from you, Ahsan. I’m aware of what Shamsher has done to Ahsan, but then… He was a rich spoilt brat, you know… Raees maan baap ki bigdi aulad. Ahsan is from a middle class and supposely a nice fellow, why did he stoop so low? Just to avenge the humiliation at Shamsher’s hands? As if two wrongs will make things right. I’m so disappointed in Ahsan, I can’t even begin.

While this humiliation is going on, the store manager is witnessing the whole conversation. He is intrigued, to say the least.

Whoever this man is, he has done a fine job for his role. Aise acchey log duniya mein hote kahan hain?

Ahsan and Mahek

Ahsan has an interview at Mahek’s office. What are the odds? Later, he offers Mahek a ride and she agrees. Knowing Mahek and her high ethics, I hadn’t expected her to do this. Shamsher sees them as Mahek is getting into Ahsan’s car. 

Just look at the poor man jis ne mohabbat karne ki ghalti kar li.

But that wasn’t enough. When they arrive at home, Nida also sees them. Mahek gives Ahsan a shut up call but how does Nida feel about this?

I don’t care how Nida feels. I want to know how Shamsher reacts. He has been keeping his temper in check. But, seeing his wife talking to her ex fiance is a bit much.

So long!


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