Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 22

A little recap of episode 21

Naheed wants to meet Parizaad and has tasked Kanwal to talk to Parizaad. On the other hand, Parizaad learns that Ainee can’t see, and they get to talking.

Parizaad episode 22 written update and review

“Mujh jaise logon ko dushmano ki zarurat nahi hoti,” Parizaad says.

In this episode, Parizaad comes to Ainee’s house. We see Huma Nawab as Ainee’s mother. She has raised Ainee alone, and Parizaad is quite impressed. On the way back, Parizaad notices a black car. It’s from Seth Shahbaz. Seth Shahbaz has been warned but would it be enough?

Kanwal comes to give Naheed’s message, and a note. I like Kanwal. It is evident that she likes Parizaad but she can’t speak her feelings.

Parizaad also puts his money on horse racing. I didn’t understand the reason for this scene, except that Parizaad mouths some quotable lines. We know, he is a wordsmith. Don’t rub it in our face…

I love how Ainee rambles on. Her character is so lively. Not bubbly, lively.

Naheed and Kanwal are here to meet Parizaad at his residence. Both look pretty but Naheed looks gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous. She asks to stay in touch with Parizaad so she could share her pains and sufferings . Parizaad puts Naheed in her place.

“I won’t exploit your weak moments. Whatever I have, it is less than one teardrop of yours. I can write it to your name if you want. Don’t belittle yourself,” Parizaad says.

Ushna Shah has acted so brilliantly. She comes across as a woman who’s having midlife crisis.

Favourite lines from this episode

“Mohabbat mein anaa na ho to mohabbat mohabbat nhai rehti bakhshish ya bheek ban jati hai,” Kanwal says to Naheed.

“Mohabbat sarahe jana chahti hai,” Naheed replies.

“Ek kamyab mard ki mohabbat ka alag hai khumar hota hai. Hara hua mard sirf faryad kar sakta hai.” Naheed says.

“Mohabbat ek baar mard ki dastaras mein aa jaye tonlh rafta rafta apni ahmiyat kho deti hai.”

What to expect from episode 23?

Parizaad will meet Ainee again. He’s falling in love, again.

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Shabana Mukhtar