Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 28

Parizaad episode 28 written update and review

Okay, so Parizaad’s story has entered its last leg. Parizaad, the wanderer. He delegates all his responsibilities to Kamali and takes off alighting at a random village. A fellow passenger invites him to stay with him. He teaches Urdu, but soon he falls sick, and Parizaad takes over as the teacher.


Soon, he runs into Ainee. She doesn’t recognise Parizaad of course, having never seen him. We see a flashback of all things Ainee, a recap of sorts, that reminds us of every highlight of#Aineezaad


I just came up with that hashtag. I know, so lame.


What is Ainee doing there? Searching for Parizaad?


What an episode it was!


When students recite Allama Iqbal’s poem, it gave me chills. When they greeted with a proper salaam- assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuhu…


While nearing its end, the drama also underlines the importance of our language Urdu. I also feel bad for writing this post on Urdu. Yeah, our language needs to be revived and survived.


A majority of this episode are a voice over, which, even though we know are supposed to be Parizaad, sounds like Nasaaz. I think Adeel Afzal has done the dubbing. Not that his voice isn’t good, but it doesn’t have that impact of Ahmad’s voice.


Oh, and I like that Parizaad pays an ode to the actor. Parizaad introduces himself as Ahmad.


I’m pleasantly surprised that many unnecessary events and subplots from the novel are stripped off for screen adaptation. Those subplots made the novel a bit boring and sloppy towards the end. So happy to see this change. I would be happier if Parizaad lives. Let him live yaar.


Did someone notice the kid from Ehd-e-Wafa? He is so cute.

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Alif was great as a novel, and the drama took it to another level thanks to Hamza’s acting. I watch a few scenes here and there just to feel that magic again. That’s the kind of romance we wike 😉

  2. I agree. Having read the novel I was sort of hoping that the makers decide to let him live. But this drama is sooooooooooo good. Even my brother watches it, and he has recommended it to a bunch of his colleagues who wait for Tuesday for Mr AAA’s magic. What a performer! No matter how much we talk about his talent, it can’t do justice to what he has done in this drama.

  3. Liza says:

    Doesn’t seem like he’ll live.. now that he’s sick. But my heart broke when Ainee just walked past parizaad. I mean AHMED. ALI. AKBAR. WHAT A PERFORMER !! he’s my new boy crush rn… I’m just saw in awe and I admire him, bilkul parizaad lag rha tha… there was o ounce in Ahmed in him. Honestly, Bollywood and Hollywood should learn from these Pakistani actors, who take their craft so passionately and seriously. I’m going to miss parizaad, I’m already having withdrawal symptoms. Thank you hum tv and to the whole team including my hero Ahmed for giving us this insane masterpiece, this will go on to my number one drama in pack dramas (i urgently have a list and number one to me was alif and pyarey afzal) now that’s gonna be replaced by parizaad and jo bichar gaye

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