Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 5

Alright, so it’s time to review the latest episode of Parizaad. It’s one of the best dramas of this year. No, scratch that.  It’s one of the best dramas ever.

Written update of Parizaad Episode 5

There’s one funny bit in the opening scene of this episode. Bubbly tells Parizaad that she doesn’t want to put on makeup. But sis, you’re supposed to be a tomboy, and tomboys don’t wear lipstick and mascara.

The prospect Naeem’s parents are leeches, and they’re not here to talk about a proposal. They’re here to discuss a business deal. Needless to say that Bubbly doesn’t like it. She deals with them the way she seems fit, the way we all seem fit, the way we’ve seen in many dramas and read in many stories. She scares them away.

Shaista and Shabeer (Bubbly’s parents) aren’t happy about this. Shabeer especially is too pissed, and she slaps Bubbly. Rashid Farooqui does a tremendous job of being a regretful father afterwards. It reminds me of the second episode when Akbar had slapped Parizaad. Kucos to both Adnan Shah Tipu and Rashid Farooqui.

I don’t understand why Saeeda and Saleem must go through some tough times. I mean, the story is about Parizaad. Why should we focus on the shit surrounding other characters. Saleem is arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit. Kubra and Sughra don’t even let Saeeda tell Akbar and Asghar. So, Parizaad comes to the rescue. And, why wouldn’t he? Saeeda is one of the few people who genuinely cares for Parizaad.

Parizaad tries to talk to the SHO, but SHO is a typical SHO, so he doesn’t listen. Thankfully, SP knows Parizaad (Parizaad has tutored his daughter). That relation works, and Saleem is released from jail, even though all of his stock is still confiscated. This little act has forever indebted Saleem to Parizaad.

After Parizaad informs Akbar that Saleem is bailed, I love the way Parizaad surveys the room before exiting. What a performer!

Parting Thoughts

Oh, there’s a continuity problem. We see Parizaad talking to his family, and then we see him still at Saeeda’s house. Haha!

Did you like this episode? Which scene was your favourite? Mine was the little talk between Parizaad and Bubbly post the Naeem debacle. The way Parizaad laughs at Saima, it’s so endearing. Also, I note that Parizaad feels at par with Bubbly, and that’s rare. Otherwise, he’s always very humble and sort of acts inferior to them, but not with bubbly. I like that.

What I don’t like is that Nasaaz is asking Parizaad to marry Bubbly for various reasons, one being that whatever Bubbly gets as dowry, Parizaad can use to help Saleem re-establish his business.

Wait, what?

Are we still talking about jahez? How is Parizaad different from Naeem. If he accepts the monies and whatever Shabeer and Shaista have collected for Bubbly over the years, he’s just as good as any other man. It’s high time we start portraying a no-jahez wedding on screen.

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Shabana Mukhtar