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Sang-e-Maah Episode 26 Written Update and Review

**Major Spoilers Ahead** Read at your own discretion

So the women of Laspiran gather at the jirga and I must say that scene was so empowering. Had literal goosebumps. And Sania Saeed took over the stage.

Zarghona demands that the elders of the jirga listen to the helplessness and the cruelty faced by the women of Laspiran and those outside the locality. How their lives have become miserable because of ghag.

However, Mashallah Khan wants a verdict of Nasrullah’s case. Hence, to avoid chaos, the elders of Laspiran have a huddle. They come to a consensus that they will keep emotions aside and use the Islamic law to come to a final decision.


And the verdict is out, the women will share their problems first and then it would be Mashallah Khan’s turn.


And boy that scene was powerful, as each women share their stories of grief and turmoil because of ghag. Sheherzad wants action now, to prevent any women from being victims of ghag. Just then Hilmand makes a grand entry. He too wants justice.

Not for his father but for the women. Hilmand has changed sides! Now shit is getting juicier.


Hilmand claims that Haji Marjaan is a brave man for killing Nasrullah. Even if Marjaan have not killed Nasrullah, Hilmand would’ve killed him.

The jirga comes to a consensus that in the future if a man commits ghag, he would be exiled from Laspiran and his house destroyed. And they would also talk to the elders outside of Laspiran so that those men wouldn’t even think of committing ghag ever again.


It is now Mashallah Khan’s turn, but Hilmand manages to oust him.


The jirga is closed and everyone is happy with the verdict. Hilmand finally decides to go home to Marjaan and Zarsanga.


Shehrzad and Hilmand go home but find Zarsanga and Marjaan dead. And then we are brought to a flashback between them, about the night before.

It was all pre-planned. Marjaan made Hikmat the Haji because he knew, well, they knew they weren’t going to survive until dawn.

They both overdose because they think that the jirga’s decision would go against them. And that death was the better solution than to pay the price for murder.

Their love was so strong for each other that they have decided to leave the world together. A poetic death indeed.

The whole death was so well-written and executed and I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing down my face.


Hilmand’s shock and dejection were shown so aptly by Atif although I didn’t feel its impact to be that strong.


Fast forward to a few years after the ghag law has been passed. Hilmand and Sheherzad have perhaps gotten married and have a child. Hilmand is the new Haji of Laspiran.

Hawwal Khan comes to inform Haji that Mashallah Khan has died and one of grandsons have committed ghag. And that look on Atif’s face.

A winner!

Drama Review

This review is long overdue and I apologise. I just finished watching the last episode yesterday. And I must say that contrary to popular opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed this bittersweet ending.

Sang-e-Maah has been established as a remake of Hamlet and it wouldn’t be Shakespearean if a tragic ending is not shown. Sang-e-Mar Mar had a similar ending as well and boy, it’s one of the best endings. At least to me.

Although the suicide is not shown right, but it made total sense as to why Marjaan and Zarsanaga decide to die together. For them, their love always came first, they were each other’s partner in crime. They were Bonnie and Clyde. The good version.

The ending was aptly written and executed and I find no objection to it. Although, they should’ve put a disclaimer but when have Pakistani Dramas have put up disclaimers for suicide scenes?

Sang-E-Maah is one of the best dramas to have come out in 2022. It was short, to the point and also raised social awareness about the illegal practices of ghag. The drama came to a full circle. It was also a fresh and engaging storyline.

The actors are the second-best thing to SEM. Noman Ijaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed were the stars of the show! No one can come close to their league. They are a whole other institution together.

Hania Amir, Kubra Khan and Zaviyar Noman did justice to their respective roles. Hania shined best. Kubra Khan was good as well but her character doesn’t make sense to me. But her performance was spectacular. Zaviyar was good too.

But the man of the show, Atif Aslam, for his debut project, did leave an impression. And kudos to him for choosing a strong script. His chemistry with Kubra was incredible. His voice and sing-song dialogue delivery are worthy enough to be mentioned.

Although his performance lapsed in middle, his performance was not bad for a debut.

Saife Hassan for directing this incredible drama and Mustafa Afridi for penning down the script This duo never fails to impress.

Sang-e-Maah, you’ll be sorely missed!


How did the rest feel about this episode?


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  1. Hira Farooq says:

    I really enjoyed your reviews.. it was like reading story

  2. Liza Joel says:

    Nope, nothing between zarsanga and hawwal. I think it was already been established that hawwal was infertile so he abused his wife, to cover up his insecurities. and that both forgive each other in episode 25.

    and yes, the ending was just shown that hilmand has taken over and is haji. and someone has done ghag. thats it.

  3. Hira Farooq says:

    Anything was shown between zarsangha and hawwal?
    And hilmand came to know of ghag, that was the end?

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