Mein | Episode 10

Mein | The Quest Of Me With Me

Mein is a dramatic story of two strong-headed individuals who end up crossing paths due to being unlucky in love while facing family and societal pressures!

Directed By: Badar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

[Source: ARY Digital’s Official YouTube Channel]

Mein Episode 10 Written Review

Assalamualaikum dear followers,

It’s Shabana Mukhtar back with the recap and review of the latest episode of Mein.

I’m running short on time-too many things to do, so little time. This review is going to be a short recap the episode, and then some rant from yours truly.

Kashmala, Jaafar, Rayan force Zaid to take Mubashshara home. Jaafar even hurts the pain points so Mubashshara would agree to go with Zaid.

Jaafar: Mohib was right. You can’t make a marriage work.

Zaid takes Mubashshara home, and drops her home. They argue yet again.. Mubashshara wanted Zaid to drop her inside, while Zaid has no interest in Mubashshara.

Mubashshara can only show her anger on Asif, so she does that. And she threatens Asif again.

Mubashshara: ek shaadi nahin huyi hai, do shaadiyan huyi hain.


Zaid wants to meet Ayera but she doesn’t want to. Like a maniac, he waits outside Ayera’s house for hours. Amir talks to Zaid, finally

Amir: For Ayera’s sake, please leave.

And he does.
Amir is kidnapped. Ayera calls Asif because it is so obvious. She first threatens Asif but ends up apologizing for Amir’s sake. She will have to leave the city, I guess


The battle of egos is on. Zaid doesn’t give two hoots about Mubashshara, and Mubashshara doesn’t leave her ego aside.

She asks Zaid to come to the reception, but he doesn’t. She plans for revenge, even Rayan is pressured to side with Mubashshara.

Would Zaid come to save his sister’s marriage? I think he will because what other option does he have.

Wahaj was so freaking good in this episode. Everyone was good, but wlWahaj is next level.

Until next time, fellow drama addicts! Stay tuned for more twists, turns, and reviews.


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