Mein | Episode 16

Mein | The Quest Of Me With Me

Mein is a dramatic story of two strong-headed individuals who end up crossing paths due to being unlucky in love while facing family and societal pressures!

Directed By: Badar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

[Source: ARY Digital’s Official YouTube Channel]

Mein Episode 16 Written Review

Assalamualaikum dear followers,

It’s Shabana Mukhtar back with the recap and review of the latest episode of Mein.


The first two minutes of this episode is Zaid walking slo-mo out of the house. Asif instructs everyone that Zaid is not allowed in, not can he take anything from there.

Mubashshara isn’t happy with this turn of events. She does what she does best: threatens Asif.

Asif formally announces that he has disowned Zaid and categorically tells everyone to abstain from helping Zaid.

We see a flashback of the neighbours talking to Amir, kinda forcing him to move out of the mohalla because the daily tamasha are affecting their lives.

Back to present, the kitchen is empty. Asiya gives her gold earrings to sell. Ayera suggests moving to a different city but Asiya doesn’t want to.


Zaid is broken, devastated and has no money on him. He comes to see his friend. That’s where he learns that Ayera and Amir both had been fired. The psychological and physical pressure aside, now this family is facing financial crisis and Zaid himself can’t do anything to help Ayera or Asiya.


The neighbour aunty helps bring groceries but says shitty things about Ayera. Even the neighbours have filed a complaint to oust Ayera and Asiya from the mohalla.

The police comes. Just when the shit is about to hit the ceiling, Zaid stands up as a man shield and promises to maintain peace in the neighbourhood. Strangely, the policeman also agrees. Because humanity is not dead.

Zaid also helps the two women where there is electric short circuit.

Zaid faces rejections wherever he tries to apply for a job. Ayera also applies for a production manager job at a factory in Sakhar. Zaid’s peon also offers Zaid to stay with him. Because humanity is not dead.

Zaid’s friend suggests that Zaid could take help from Asif’s rivals. And that’s a goldmine of an idea.

And then Zaid meets a rival for a job.

Life moves on… Doesn’t it?

Asif is thinking that he can control everything. He did, for most part but he’s forgetting that a superior power is controlling everything, EVERYTHING.

And Allah knows best.


I like that Wahaj was seen in the same outfit throughout. He didn’t magically have a new wardrobe. That was stroke of a genius that many others would have missed in continuity.

This episode was so great. I couldn’t skip a single scene.

Until next time, fellow drama addicts! Stay tuned for more twists, turns, and reviews.


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