Mein | Episode 3

Mein | The Quest Of Me With Me

Mein is a dramatic story of two strong-headed individuals who end up crossing paths due to being unlucky in love while facing family and societal pressures!

Directed By: Badar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

[Source: ARY Digital’s Official YouTube Channel]

Mein Episode 3 Written Review


The Mess at Muhib’s House

Mubashshara arrives at Muhib’s house. So does Rayan (he was just waiting outside in the car, remember?). And then Jaafar arrives (he took the car keys from the driver to drive the car himself, remember?) but how did he know where to go? And then Zaid also arrives (his father asked him toremember?) but how did he know where to go?

I know, I know. I’m nitpicking. They must have called each other and all, but that was the first reaction when I saw the four of them enter Muhib’s house once after the toher.

Things get out of hand quickly. Muhib comes to talk to Mubashshara, and Hina follows (because she worries about her new husband, hehe). Long story short, Muhib tells that Mubashshara is insane and needs a psychiatrist (count=1).

It doesn’t end there. Mubashshara is still manhandling Hina and Muhib almost slaps Mubashshara but someone stops him.

Not Rayan, Mubashshara’s brother.

Not Jaafar, Mubashshara’s father.

But Zaid…

Because he’s the hero, guys!

The Flashbacks and The Depression

Mubashshara isn’t taking this divorce well. From the eventful night of the divorce to much later, she just can’t get over the hurt that Muhib could do this to her. This also leads to several flashbacks.

The first flashback is about Hina’s lies on the day of anniversary. Mubashshara asked Hina to come with her, but Hina made an excuse–to go to her secret nikaah with Muhib.

The second flashback is about Muhib’s lies. Mubashshara recalls how he proposed, and how he promised to love her relentlessly, unconditionally.

Mubashshara: Tung aa jaaoge

Muhib: Ghulamon ke paas tung aane ka option nahin hota.


And the third scene is about her own ugly behavior. She recalls how Muhib confronted her when she insulted her husband at a party in front of everyone.

Look at Muhib’s face. Kinna koi control kar raha hai bhai. And Mubashshara doesn’t even realize that she has done wrong; let alone realizing what she has done wrong.


Her depression knows no limit, and her father is mighty worried about her.

After a talk with Jaafar, Mubashshara feels better, in a strange way. Now, she wants to sue Muhib.


The Sassy Lawyer


Mubasshir isn’t the one to take Mubashshara’s insults so easily. He lashes out (although after Mubashshara leaves). Jaafar apologizes profusely for Mubashshara’s words. Mubasshir ends up giving the same advise as Muhib: Mubashshara  needs a psychiatrist (count=2).


It doesn’t end there. Zaid’s father also gives the same advise:  Mubashshara  needs a psychiatrist (count=3).

And so Mubashshara  does see a psychiatrist. It’s been a  month, apparently.

The Not-So-Gold-Digger Ayera

Amir is back from the hospital. He tries to put up a brave face, trivializing the issues at work. But we can sense that the financial situation of the household might lead to a jeopardy. Ayera meets Zaid and tells him that she needs a job. As one would hope, Zaid offers Ayera a job, to which she declines.

Ayera: I’m not a gold-digger.

Ummm… Sure… You can’t take a job at your boyfriend’s office but you can go out with him for lunch and all (I’m assuming he pays). That’s not problematic at all. It could be a small line and I might be reading too much into it, but Ayera’s reason for not working at Zaid’s company didn’t sit well with me. Her next reason was more sensible, and more to-the-point.

Ayera: I will either join your company or your home.

Zaid: Then let’s finalize the “joining home” part.

Alrighty, so now we wait for both of their families to reject the proposal.

The Sibling “Bond”

Kashmala, Zaid and their father (what’s his name now?) are discussing what happened with Mubashshara.

Kashmala: I would have killed my husband if such a thing happened to me.

Zaid: I wouldn’t have stood there like Rayan did. I would have taken some action

Point to be noted, your honour. Rayan isn’t being the best brother.

But is that all?


He is also a flirt. When Kashmala comes to see Mubashshara, he unabashedly flirts with her (and she enjoys the attention). Later, Rayan sees the shrink with Mubashshara.

Rayan: Because your (aggressive) attitude, your middle-class husband divorced you.

The episode ends as the siblings fight with each other.



And that’s the review of the latest episode of “Mein”. What did you think of this episode? Stay tuned for more drama and mayhem, and remember, keep those popcorns popping and those opinions sizzling!


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