Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 23 | Finale Episode| It’s Over, meh!

This is the last episode and the promotions have been phenomenal. I mean, it was telecast in cinemas etc as well.

Monty meets Danish and convinces him to meet Mehwish. Musaddiq Malik shines in his small role.

So, Ifra’s wazeefa’s work (because Monty scares Danish that if he doesn’t meet Mehwish, her faith on Allah will be over.

Danish finally decided to meet Mehwish one last time.

Rumi tells Danish that Mehwish is his weakness. Danish and Rumi are talking in cryptic language. Danish is reluctant to meet her but

Mehwish is acting crazy now that Danish is coming to see her.

Shahwar’s last lines are good – “izzat bhi out of turn ho to raas nahin aati.” And “dhoka dene wale shakhs ke paas talaaq dene ka ikhtiyar nahin hona chahiye.”

And, more. He finally blames it all on Mehwish and defends his actions. Really?

Chalo, that topic is closed.

Now, let’s move on to the last scene – the showdown.

Now that their relationship is almost over, Mehwish remembers the day they had first met (and the last time they are meeting). There is a volley of subtle insults and taunts laced with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals.

Papa ne kaha hai khwaboN meiN aaya kareNge.

He also says that 

Papa ne kaha thha wapas nahin aa payenge

So, Danish couldn’t bear to be away from her? Or is she a venomous person that one look at her and he gets a heartattack? 

I did not like who the whole bawafa-bewafa topic was dragged. It was like Mehwish was bewafa and behaya and she didn’t even blink before deciding to go with another man. Danish was so bawafa that he couldn’t marry another woman.

As usual, terrific performances, especially Humayun Saeed; and some great lines but the episode boredered on being melodramatic and slow.

I don’t understand why it became the phenomenon that it did. I mean, it was a very bold and controversial drama but it wasn’t that big a deal, not for me. Honestly, it dragged towards the end.

Why didn’t they put the last episode on YouTube? I had to wait for two weeks and then watch it on some random channel that had very poor quality video and awful voice quality.

Anyways… All said and done, I have completed one more drama review. Another drama Pyar Ke Sadqay is added to my to-do list. Staybtiene for more.

Shabana Mukhtar