Shehnai | Episode 20

Written update and review and rant and whatever Hunain had charmed Bakht, and Absar. Bakht is so stupid that she believes every lie that Hunain says. You have been dumped by this dude once. Even if Meerab was not a good guy, you shouldn’t be trusting Hunain.  Anywho! Meerab is so heartbroken that be decides…

Shehnai | Episode 21

Written update and review and rant and whatever So, Hunain and his father both are crooks. Stupid Bakht thinks of them as saints and Meerab as an evil man. I know, Meerab has done some bad things in the past but barring the few days he was totally under Samreen’s influence, he was always polite….

Shehnai | Cast and Characters

Introduction Shehnai is a new ARY Digital Drama that started airing on March 18, 2021. Shehnai is a story of an innocent girl Bakht, who is in love with a deceitful boy Hunain. Her parents have finally selected a groom for her, which she plans to reject, and her quest to find true love continues….

Drama Review: Thora Sa Haq – Episode 1

Thora Sa Haq is a new ARY Digital drama. It started airing since 23rd October, 2019. Only one episode has been released until now. So, I was already on ARYDigital channel when the video was uploaded. It was natural to click on it. Ayeza Khan’s gorgeous face would have been another reason to do so.

Telefilm Review: Main Thha MarjaniyaN

Introduction Main Thha MarjaniyaN is a telefilm written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed and directed by Faiz. It was aired on ARY Digital on Eid-ul-Adha (September 12, 2016). Cast & Characters Sana Hameed as Niggi An elite mother looking for a ghar damaad for her daughter Behroz Sabzwari as Kamal Niggi’s husband. He is a writer…