10 Most Used Apps On My Phone

I realize now that I had started on a wrong foot as I listed the 5 apps I hated first. But, hey, that’s how I got the idea.

Better late than never, here are list of 10 apps that I use the most. Not just because I need them, I love them, too. Some of them anyway.

1. Candy Crush, duh!

I use it every couple of hours and consume all the energies I have gathered in the game to gain energy for real life. let’s just say I spend 10 minutes after every two hours. Which makes it two hours a day. And that’s just an average. Sometimes, when I win infinite energy, I play for hours.

2. WordPress

I have reinstalled it only recently as I was drafting a lot of posts and it is annoying to do it on chrome on a 5.5 inch screen. There’s just too much crammed in the limited real estate. The app is only a month old but appears second in the list. I am not surprised.

3. Chrome

The first and the last app I access is Chrome. For checking sales reports on Amazon and as reports on WordPress and AdSense report on Google, chrome is my buddy. I think Chrome and Candy Crush have a very nail biting competition for the first slot.

4. WhatsApp

I am surprised as much as you are. I am not a big fan of this app but sharing photos etc with family is quick on this one. Text messaging may still cost a bit but WhatsApp is free, so most of the conversation with my sister’s happen via WhatsApp. These days, we even have a team group where people share out of office messages. It happens daily. My team takes a lot of day offs. It makes me wonder, just how many leaves have they accumulated? I count it every month and wait until it crosses 5, so I can take a vacation and go home. I digress, I am sorry.

5. Gmail

Who would have thought?

6. Notepad, obviously!

Ideas come left right and centre. Notepad is the best app to write the ideas down. Every other app is just too heavy and slow. Rapid ideas need fast and quickly responding app. This one is just right for me. It also works well with speech to text.

7. YouTube

Cuz it is the food for soul and a big part of my life. I am reviewing dramas quite punctually these days and I need to make sure that I watch them as soon as they are uploaded. Besides, I need to relax; I need sound to drown the noise from neighbors. YouTube smartly plays one app after the other and I find more content in the meantime.

8. Words

Are you wondering why it is at the bottom of the list? I mean, I use this a lot when I am proofreading but most of my typing / writing work is generally on notepad. Therefore, it is at the bottom of the list. 

A less known fact is that the app slows down and is prone to crash when the word count goes beyond 15K. I prefer to take notes and write scenes on notepad and then copy it to the draft in Words. It saves me time and some annoyance.

9. Gallery

For the reviews of all the dramas I watch, I generally take screenshots to be embedded in the post. Gallery, therefore, is heavily used. Especially, over the weekend, when I review 4 dramas – Alif, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Deewar-e-Shab and Ehd-e-Wafa.

10. Amazon Kindle

I use Amazon Kindle much less frequently, especially these days as I am reading Urdu series. But, when I open it, I don’t stop unless I finish the book, which takes more than a couple of hours.

On a side note

Without referring to my phone’s history, I had listed Candy Crush, Chrome, WordPress, Notepad, Amazon Kindle and Words. The perceived reality vs reality is so different.

Which apps do you use the most?

Shabana Mukhtar

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