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Jannat Se Aagay

“Jannat Se Aagay” explores the themes of identity, personal aspirations, and the potential consequences of idolizing others. The story follows the journey of Jannat and Tabassum as they navigate their dreams, relationships, and the inherent challenges of discovering their true selves.

Tabassum is a beautiful and compassionate young girl. She selflessly takes care of everyone in her family and even supports them financially by giving tuition to children from her neighbourhood. While she leads a simple life, there is one thing that brings her immense joy and inspiration: watching Jannat’s morning show on television.

Jannat Ali Khan is the host of the morning show that Tabassum adores. She considers Jannat her idol and attempts to emulate her style and mannerisms. On the other hand, Jannat who influences the lives of thousand of such girls with a façade of grandeur is empty on the inside.

Will Jannat be able to fill her inner void? Will Tabassum’s dream to become someone else cause her to lose her own identity? Will Tabassum discover the importance of being true to oneself, or will she get lost in becoming an idealized version of someone else?

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Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Haseeb Hassan
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast and Characters

Kubra Khan as Jannat Ali Khan

A morning show host who doesn’t hesitate to try every trick in the book to keep her show’s TRP high.

Ramsha Khan as Tabassum Mughal aka Bitto

The simpleton who relentlessly takes care of everyone in her family, the only thing that she’s passionate about is “Jannat Ji”.

Gohar Rasheed as Noman

Jannat’s husband. Their marriage is on the rocks, and Noman has a girlfriend

Sheheryar Zaidi as Abid Mughal

Tabassum’s father

Lubna Aslam as Tasneem

Tabassum’s mother.

Talha Chahour as Farooq

Tabassum’s cousin. He’s madly in love with Tabassum. He is fired from every job, tch!

Hina Bayat as Shabana

Farooq’s mother, Bitto’s khala.

She’s going to be my fav, because she is pretty and a terrific actor but most importantly, because her name matches with someone very close to my heart 😀

Faiza Gillani as Suraiyya Naeem

Tabassum’s older sister, married to Naeem, and has three kids. Her life isn’t a bed of roses, either.

Daniya Anwar as Naseem Mughal aka Nammo

Tabassum’s sister; she’s currently parading in front of people. Marriage is all she has on her mind.

Sara Ashraf as Andleeb

Jannat’s colleague, one of the few people Jannat talks nicely to.

Aina Asif as Aasia Mughal

Aila Asif

Jannat’s rival

Azlan Nofil Awan As Aalyan

Jannat’s son


Hoorain Khan as Aima

Jannat’s daughter


Ayesha Jahanzaib as Aalia


Aiman Zaman as Chanda

Tabasshum’s friend, she works at a salon.

Maria as Firdaus

Tabassum’s friend

Aila’s Boss

He wants higher TRP’s and keeps pushing Aila to think out of the box.

Aila’s Colleague

Younus Raheel As Asghar Mughal

Tabassum’s brother, aspires to go to Dubai to work, but doesn’t work at all in Pakistan.

Shameem Hilali

Jannat’s mother


Jannat’s sister

Rameez Alam Siddiqui As Akhter

Jannat’s colleague, Farooq’s friend

Jannat’s Friend

Aima’s Teacher

Ismat Zaidi

Noman’s mother


Maid at Noman’s mother’s house


Jannat’s ex-nanny


Jannat’s cook


Farooq’s younger brother, wants to marry Asiya.

Shabeer Jan as Ilahi Bakhsh Memon

Federal Ministor, Jannat’s fan.

Other Fans/Men

Humaira Bano as Mrs Shamsi

The Principal at Aima and Aalyan’s school

Hamza Tariq as Jibran

Yet to make appearance


I will add more characters as I watch the series.

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