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Jannat Se Aagay

“Jannat Se Aagay” explores the themes of identity, personal aspirations, and the potential consequences of idolizing others. The story follows the journey of Jannat and Tabassum as they navigate their dreams, relationships, and the inherent challenges of discovering their true selves.

Tabassum is a beautiful and compassionate young girl. She selflessly takes care of everyone in her family and even supports them financially by giving tuition to children from her neighbourhood. While she leads a simple life, there is one thing that brings her immense joy and inspiration: watching Jannat’s morning show on television.

Jannat Ali Khan is the host of the morning show that Tabassum adores. She considers Jannat her idol and attempts to emulate her style and mannerisms. On the other hand, Jannat who influences the lives of thousand of such girls with a façade of grandeur is empty on the inside.

Will Jannat be able to fill her inner void? Will Tabassum’s dream to become someone else cause her to lose her own identity? Will Tabassum discover the importance of being true to oneself, or will she get lost in becoming an idealized version of someone else?

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Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Haseeb Hassan
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Jannat Se Aagay Episode 13 Written Update and Review

Hey there, drama enthusiasts! Shabana Mukhtar here, all set to break down the latest episode of “Jannat Se Aagay,” the drama that keeps us wanting for more.

Tabassum lies, she steals and she’s is a cheater. To top it, she weeps as if she is hurt by Jannat. Girl, what kinda game are you playing?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the start.

The Confrontation

Jannat accuses Tabassum of stealing, not directly, though; indirectly.

Tabassum still lies.

But Tabassum is more cunning that we all can think of. Just how exactly did Jannat look into her wardrobe? Tabassum said that the scarf was in a different dress and Jannat took her word for it. Didn’t really understand that part.

However, Jannat is guilty now, thinking that she hurt Tabassum. It doesn’t help that Tabassum weeps like the most vulnerable person on the face of earth.


Tabassum’s Victory

Tabassum goes home, and lies to her mother that she asked for a short leave from Jannat. Jannat comes home and Tabassum isn’t home.

So, Jannat comes to see Tabassum. The family is happy, and so is Tabassum.

And Tabassum smiles that her plans are successful. Jannat can’t live without her.


Next day, Jannat discusses her failed marriage with Tabassum, that she’s afraid to be called a loser, a woman who can’t rule her husband’s heart.

Once again, she suggests that Tabassum shouldn’t leave Farooq at any cost.


Jannat’s Live Insult

There is a suicide video of a girl Safeena. Jannat sees this as another chance to gain more TRP. She invites Safeena’s psychiatrist Dr Jamal (Khalifa Sajeeruddin).

Jannat directly starts questioning about Safeena. Dr Jamal starts blaming the media and their tactics for ruining the young girls lives with materialism. He refuses to answer any question, refuses to take Jannat’s favour. And then he walks out of the show.

Farooq tells that Tabassum doesn’t want to get married, yet. Shabana isn’t thrilled to hear this.

Noman’s Fake Affection Charade Begins

We see a dejected Noman, almost broken, who can’t even cry openly.

He throws his glasses.

As the sun sets we see him walking away like a defeated man.

Leaving his glasses behind.

His charade begins now.

He comes home with a bouquet.

This bouquet changes so much in Jannat – from shock to a content smile.

Tch! You poor soul, Jannat!



Ramsha Khan is giving her best performance so far as Tabassum. I’m in awe of her. Until now, she used to annoy me, and still, strangely, I used to imagine her when I wrote Hiba Sayyed in Once Upon a Crush. You should read that, see if you see Ramsha Khan as well.

PS. Noman’s new glasses doesn’t look good.

Until next time, happy drama watching, my friends!


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