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Jannat Se Aagay

“Jannat Se Aagay” explores the themes of identity, personal aspirations, and the potential consequences of idolizing others. The story follows the journey of Jannat and Tabassum as they navigate their dreams, relationships, and the inherent challenges of discovering their true selves.

Tabassum is a beautiful and compassionate young girl. She selflessly takes care of everyone in her family and even supports them financially by giving tuition to children from her neighbourhood. While she leads a simple life, there is one thing that brings her immense joy and inspiration: watching Jannat’s morning show on television.

Jannat Ali Khan is the host of the morning show that Tabassum adores. She considers Jannat her idol and attempts to emulate her style and mannerisms. On the other hand, Jannat who influences the lives of thousand of such girls with a façade of grandeur is empty on the inside.

Will Jannat be able to fill her inner void? Will Tabassum’s dream to become someone else cause her to lose her own identity? Will Tabassum discover the importance of being true to oneself, or will she get lost in becoming an idealized version of someone else?

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Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Haseeb Hassan
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Jannat Se Aagay Episode 6 Written Update and Review

Hey there, drama enthusiasts! Shabana Mukhtar here, all set to break down the latest episode of “Jannat Se Aagay”.

Jannat’s Revenge

Jannat has been reminded that it’s primarily a parents’ responsibility to shape a kid’s personality. She takes this as a personal insult, and decides to oust the school. Her show is about dragging the school and its staff into a media-created scandal. This stirsa storm. Mrs Shamsi, the Principal, calls the show to apologize.

But this isn’t about an apology.

Jannat isn’t worried about other kids. Heck, she isn’t even worried about her own kids. All she cares about is the way she was treated. After Mrs Shamsi’s repeated apology, she lets it slide. We can see a bitter expression on Mrs Shamsi’s face as the call disconnects.

I don’t think it’s going to do much good for Aima and Aalyan. These kids still have to go to the same school. Life is going to be difficult for them.

And, I’m right on my money. When Jannat comes home, Aalyan tells her:

Aalyan: You embarassed us. Everyone at the school is mocking us.

First, it was Noman, and now Aalyan. Doesn’t Jannat feel bad that everyone around her is embarassed of her?

The Rivalry

Oh, the sweet smell of rivalry is in the air, and Jannat is right in the thick of it. So, turns out, Amber (Zoya Nasir) was all fancy-pants invited to Aila’s show and flat-out turned down the chance to be interviewed by Jannat. Now, hold up—do you see that sly smirk on Jannat’s face? Yeah, that’s the ego flaring up like a bonfire.

But here’s the kicker: Amber is doing a drama with Jannat’s channel, but that doesn’t mean Jannat is about to roll out the welcome mat. Nope, not in her dictionary. She’s standing her ground, refusing to give Amber an ounce of promotion or airtime, not willing to interview or promote Amber.

Can we say stubborn much?

But hang on a second, folks. Let’s take a peek at the behind-the-scenes drama brewing. If Jannat keeps up this one-woman show of defiance, she might just be locking horns with the bigwigs behind the scenes. Her refusal to promote a “home” drama will certainly rub the channel owners the wrong way, and I can’t get to see when it comes to that.

Ah, the tension, the suspense—I’m positively giddy thinking about the showdown.

Tabassum’s Dreams Finally Come True

Tabassum finally gets to meet Jannat. Her expressions are from that of shock…


…to mesmerization…

…and then overwhelmingly vulnerable.

Jannat interviews not just Jannat, but also Farooq. I loved how the whole scene was written. From Tabassum’s heartfelt desire to help Jannat with her kids to Farooq’s coy admission:

Farooq to Jannat: Tabassum’s older sister is yet to be married. We will get married after that.

What touched me the most was Farooq’s expressions.

The Changing Dynamics

Hold on to your hats, because the dynamics between Farooq and Tabassum are shifting like tectonic plates. Farooq boldly declares his dislikes about Tabassum. But hey, Tabassum is quick to fire back with a simple yet impactful response.

Farooq: I wouldn’t allow you to work as a nanny. Tabassum to Farooq: who’s asking you?

Tabassum: Who’s asking you?

Talk about a power move!

These two characters have always been like oil and water, but now the stakes are higher, and the sparks are flying. Keep your eyes peeled for more epic showdowns and unexpected twists between these two.

Later, Farooq tries to call Tabassum, but she doesn’t want to talk. When Asiya tries to convince Tabassum to talk to Farooq, here’s Tabassum’s response.

Tabassum: Manati hai meri jooti

And the expression on Farooq’s face.


Let’s take a moment to applaud the stellar cast that’s making “Jannat Se Aagay” an absolute delight to watch. Ramsha, Talha, Kubra, Gauhar—they’re all bringing their A-game to the screen, and we’re here for it. The chemistry, the emotions, the raw intensity—it’s all on point, and it’s keeping us glued to our screens.

Ramsha as Jannat is delivering her witty one-liners with impeccable timing, Talha’s portrayal of Farooq is hitting all the right emotional chords, and Kubra and Gauhar are adding layers to their characters that keep us guessing.

So there you have it, folks—a recap that’ll have you at the edge of your seat and a review that’s giving a round of applause to the fantastic ensemble cast. Until the next episode, let’s bask in the drama and keep those expectations soaring high!

So far, this has been a gripping narrative woven with stallar performances. We wike it!

Until next time, happy drama watching, my friends!


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