Favourite YouTube Channels #3: Kenny Sebastian

I first saw him on Rajeev Masand’s interview. He is so cute! And, then, I searched for him on YouTube and binged on all the videos on his channel. The guy is funny and cute and his jokes not only make you laugh, but also make you think. What I like the best is that…

Fun Facts About Me #14

I don’t love my writing. I like it, but the final product that I publish isn’t perfect. If I try to refine it, I will keep working on the same story forever. P.S. I start at least one new draft with a new idea every day.

Fun Facts About Me #13

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami. These are the five tastes and people generally have a strong liking towards one. Mine is crispy. Anything crispy is my weakness. Be it jalebi or chips.

Fun Facts About Me #8

I completed my secondary and higher secondary education in Urdu medium schools. English is my father tongue. Some readers do notice that I am not well-versed in the technicalities of writing and nuances of the grammar. My vocabulary is limited. I don’t like purple prose, not even reading it. My mantra is to keep it…

Fun Facts About Me #5

I am crazy about DIY projects. I get obsessed and addicted to stuff very easily. My current obsession is daydreaming. Wait, that’s always the number one obsession. Other notable addictions are writing, reading, stitching, crocheting and sulking. I know!

Fun Facts About Me – Blog Post Series

(29th July) I turn a year older today. I am going to take a bold step and share fun facts about me. Let the worlds of me and the other me overlap. I hope to post every Monday. Let’s see how many facts I have got 😉 Not bragging, but just so you know, I…