Finally rippled

So my first ever crochet project is finally done.
As I mentioned in my earlier posts, this project was not planned well. I had very small quantity of yarn. I added another color, again without calculating if it would be sufficient or not. And it was not a good feeling. This project made me depressed, it made me want to pull my hair, it made me want to give up on crocheting.

However, I triumph. Although it took 6 months.

Last month, I noticed a few more colors on my go-to online store. It seemed to have both colors I needed. With some apprehensions, I went ahead and ordered both colors, ~150 gms each, to make sure I DON’T run out of yarn this time. Turns out the colors were far from what was shown in picture. The maroon was off by miles, the biege color was still acceptable.

What next? Can’t abondon the project. Winters are about to start to must add more variety to the woolen wardrobe. And most importantly, can’t let this yarn and all this effort fo waste. So I decided to go with a slightly different color and make it a “design feature”. It would just be a layered shawl having 3 different colors. Can you notice the color difference?

The pleated effect is caused by different textures of maroon and beige yarn. It adds to the beauty of this shawl. After adding the symmetrical design, with the new color, the shawl kinda looked square. Not really square, but definitely needed more length.


Crochet ripple shawl

After adding a fringe in same ripple stitch, I finally have completed my first project, my first shawl and a new addition to my wardrobe.

Next I plan to do a variegated best of both world cardigan. To be frank I have 3 projects going in parallel. I am doing a circular vest in variegated acrylic nylon yarn. I am also starting a diamond stitch lacy shawl. This one hopefully wouldn’t take 6 months to complete. More on that later.