Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 5 | What Are You Laughing At | Neville Shah

Okay, back to Neville Shah because… Why not?

Fine, I will give you a reason: I didn’t know what else to watch, and Neville is quite interesting. 

This one begins with an intro. Neville is sitting outside on a sole chair that was brought in for the sole purpose of this shoot. Hethen walks through the narrow passage, seemingly at the back of a Mess or a restaurant. And then, he walks through the kitchen, and we hear the emcee announcing – Neville Shah.

The next moment, Neville is on a poorly decorated stage. 

And then, he talks, at length, about how he lost his mother. Correction: he makes us relive through the day.

This show has a different energy than the previous one. Neville is chirpy and enthusiastic and speaks fast, the way he normally does. But don’t be fooled. He will make you just as uncomfortable as he did in “Neville Shah Going Downhill”. I know this one “What are you laughing at?” was released first. I watched “Neville Shah Going Downhill” first. For me, the order is reversed, so bear with me. 

He talks about death, condolence calls, atheism, his divorce, his time at the boarding school. And, he abuses a lot. It isn’t something I enjoy but that is how most comedians are. They are angry souls trying to channelize their anger as comedy and make money out of it. I left it midway because it got too much to handle.

So, that was Neville Shah again.

On to the next item. Will post the review soon.

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Shabana Mukhtar