Sukoon | Episode 1


The story reveals how Aina’s innocence is taken advantage of, and how Raza’s non-serious behavior has a lasting impact on multiple lives around him.

Raza and Aina meet at a wedding and instantly fall in love. However, their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Aina discovers Raza’s true personality.

Hamdan and Aina’s paths cross in the most unexpected way, and they end up making the best out of their situation.

The story of Hamdan, Aina, and Raza serves as an example of how one person’s behavior can have a profound impact on multiple lives and alter their future plans.

It is a reminder that we should always be vigilant when interacting with others, as our actions and mindset may have significant effects on someone’s life.


Directed By: Siraj-ul-Haq

Written By: Misbah Nausheen

[Source: ARY TV official website]

Sukoon Episode 1 Written Update and Review

It’s a love triangle of sorts. And the first episode does a fine job of showing us the three corners.

Aina: love triangle corner #1

We see Aina who isn’t happy with her dress’s fitting, and her sister who is willing to go to market to get the dress altered, and her mother who is tasked to make a dupatta for Neeli. Masooda, Neeli’s mother has asked her. Masooda seems like a pushy woman to me.

And we love Laila Wasti, how pretty and graceful she is.

Hamdan: love triangle corner #2

Then, we meet Amjad who is in a meeting and puts his foot down for not letting a park be ruined. The other party is threatening. In walks Hamdan with a file of illegal business that the other party has been doing.

Hamdan: Unless you want me to take this to social media, you’d stay put.

Amjad is proud of his nephew Hamdan. He also mentions why he hasn’t left the company to his own son Raza, who’s irresponsible AF.

Cue entry Raza.

Raza: love triangle corner #3

What a shot! The entry is so well done.

So, the bike race begins, reminding me of a similar scene from Meray Humnasheen and Ruposh. Is this bike race a thing in Pakistan?

And, of course, we all expected something like this.

The Ugly Face of Reality

When this is happening, Hamdan is at an NGO, playing with young kids and Raza’s mother is giving a speech, about how much she cares for the poor.

However, when Raza comes home and tells her about the accident, she is least bit perturbed. Even Raza is shocked.

Raza: What about the speech you just gave?

Mom: We belong to high society. We must deliver such speeches.


Later, Amjad takes the car and bike keys from Raza. He throws tantrums, mom takes his side and sister also kinda supports the brat brother. I was like: what is this family? But then… It is this behaviour that turned Raza into the person that he is, right?

Now, Raza is throwing fits of anger, because he wants to attend his friend Dilawar’s wedding. Raza’s sister (I didn’t catch her name) convinces Hamdan to convince Amjad to let Raza go. It’s a long shot, but it works. Hamdan takes Raza to the wedding.

I must say, this “meet at the friend’s wedding” part feels familiar. Oh, wait. It happened in the first episode of Ishq Murshid as well. Dono writers ne discuss kiya thha kya yeh scene?

The Drama

While Aina and Aima are in the market, they are unaware of someone watching them closely-psycho Usman. Later, Usman shows up at the door and starts yelling at Aina. Aima comes to the rescue and gives a befitting reply. I like how she gae turki-ba-turki jawab to this maniac. You go, girl!

This is when Aima slams the door shut on Usman’s face. Very well-deserved door slamming. Are we falling in ove with Aima or what?


The Mehendi

And then comes the big event.

Masooda aunty asks Aina to make tea for Dilawar’s guest. Apparently, there are no househelps in her giant house. And, then she kinda forces Aina to take tea to the boys. I told you. She seems a bit pushy.

Long story short, Raza opens the door and is instantly smitten by Aina’s ethereal beauty. I would say that Aina feels the same about Raza–kinna koi sohna lagta hai woh.

Raza asks for Aina’s name but guess who interrupts the scene?

Usman, that’s who.

He starts accusing Aina, talks rubbish and even raises his hand to slap her.

The episode ends as Raza heroically comes between Usman and Aina and grabs Usman’s hand.

Woooo! Now, that’s the kinda hero we like.


The Cast

First of all, let me appreciate how well they have casted the Amjad’s family. Khaqaan as Raza, Atiqa Odho as mother and Sidra as sister; light-eyed, good lookin’ family. Throw Ahsan Hamdan into the mix as well. From now on, I would refer to this as “Kanji aankhon wala drama”.

Adnan’s Choices

Second of all, Adnan’s character choices have become so repititive, don’t you think?

Abid in Ishq-e-Laa (2021-2022) was Azka’s obsessive ashique who just wouldn’t leave Azka alone. Nayal in Fraud (2022) was the muntaqim-mizaj obsessive lover. And then, there was Ashir in Mann Aangan (2023), he was Mahi’s first husband who divorced her two days before the wedding because he married her only to teach her a lesson for rejecting him. Now, we have Usman in Sukoon as the psycho fiance who thinks that he owns Aina. If we ignore Gulzar Hussain in Ehd-e-Wafa (2019-2020) the charming roommate of Saad’s and good friend that we all loved and Shakeel in Kuch Ankahi (2023) who was kinda a border-line grey character; he has chosen awful characters to play. Mix it up, bro!

The Drama Vibe

Last of all, this drama has a very Badzaat vibe – a meek heroine who’s job is to look pretty and be coy; and two cousins going after the same heroine. It can’t be an enjoyable watch, and I’m sure I wouldn’t watch it more than a couple of episodes.

Who else is with me?


I will add more characters as I watch the series.

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