Book Review: Haalim – Episode #18 – Part 2 (By Nemrah Ahmed)

The author’s Facebook page has already announced that episode 18 will be published in two parts. The first part was published on November 13. My review for the same is here.

Part 2 came on January 5th. The writer was suffering from the writer’s block. I haven’t faced it yet, so I don’t know how that feels. I empathize with her, though.

I know. I am 3 days too late to review, but I was travelling and fell sick the next day. This review is coming from a bedridden patient. Poor poor me!

Episode 18 is special crossover episode where Jihan Sikandar from Jannat Ke Pattay is back, to help Talia steal a book.

Part 2 depicts the same balance that Nemrah strikes between two protagonists. Jihan is perfect and polished. Talia is not naive either. Jihan is not just helping Talia, he is also fixing her.

Talia, on the other hand, tries to guess about Jihan and his background, mostly correctly, because we know it. Jihan, being Jihan, denies everything flatly. I love him 💓💓💓

Together they carry out the coup of stealing the book and brilliantly so.

Talia is back to Malaka and Jihan is gone. The episode also reconciles Talia and Adam. Asra dies and all fingers are pointing at Talia. To make things worse, Talia is also sneaking around and spotted by Fateh. Haaaw… What’s going to happen now? Another cliffhanger and the episode ends.

Now, let’s discuss the three things that stood out.

  1. The episode was full of stuff about writers, writing, publishing, translation etc. Of course, being a successful author Nemrah knows it well. It makes me envious. Sigh!
  2. The way they extract the full manuscript out from Almas and Nilufer is interesting but a bit unrealistic. I mean they were planning to create a wreckage in the book world and just gave it away, like that? NO. But it works in Talia’s favour so let’s ignore it.
  3. And lastly, a question. Nemrah, are you getting your books translated into Hindi? I offer my services 🙂

What’s your take on this episode?

Happy reading!